Summer Reception Agenda

Our Summer Reception will commence with an afternoon  Flexibility Forum, and conclude with our Summer Drinks Reception.
We look forward to seeing you on 26th June 2019. Please register to secure your place.

Afternoon Flexibility Forum – 13:00 – 17:00


Lunch, Registration and Networking


  • Enjoy lunch and network with National Grid ESO and other industry stakeholders in our networking area.

  • Exhibitors from across the industry will be on hand to answer your questions and provide updates in their field, including: Aggregators and suppliers; DNOs / SO-DNO innovation projects; experts on Network Charging and the Future of Balancing Services.


Welcome to the Summer Reception and Flexibility Forum


  • Introductions and Scene Setting
  • Highlights of the progress made in Demand Side Flexibility to date and a reminder of the value that flexibility will continue to play in GB energy markets. 
  • Delivering Low Carbon Ambitions
  • Keynote speech to set the scene for the UK’s zero carbon ambitions, where we are in the journey and the key role that the GB energy industry can play.  What are the key milestones we need to overcome and by when?


Demand Side Participation: Flexibility Trends


  • Flexibility Trends
  • How are Flexibility markets across Ancillary Services, BM, Capacity Market, Supplier Portfolios changing – positively and negatively.  What are the key metrics signals, and take-aways that we should take?  How should this info inform all stakeholder future planning. Are there any key/early warning signs that we should pay attention to.  


Near-term Transition

  • Barriers to Flexibility Participation
  • Highlight of the barriers to participation that have been identified in the October Steering Group. How can they be addressed? How are they being addressed.  Are these the correct barriers, or should we be looking to solve other issues.  Will solving these barriers go far enough, or are they just ‘tip of the iceberg’?
  • Reform of Balancing Services and Forward Plan Actions
  • An overview of National Grid’s proposed changes to Balancing Services, including Reserve and Response, Constraints, Reactive Power, and Restoration. How have are the markets moving? Have developments made an impact to providers and prices etc? What are the new reforms on the horizon?  What initiatives are the ESO taking e.g. Auction Platform, data transparency, code reform, Wind Advisory Group
  • Charging Reforms & Access and Forward Looking Charges
  • Latest developments from Targeted Charging Review (being clear – this is not an intro into ‘what is Charging Futures‘– although invitation to engage through CFF is welcomed).
  • New Opportunities
  • Project TERRE and Wider Access were presented independently at the October Flexibility Forum. Project TERRE in particular was met with a number of questions.  Further detail on DER accessing the BM & Pathfinder Projects. 


Break & Networking


Networks and Wholesystem


  • Latetst updates on:

    – Unlocking Consumer value through Competition in networks
    – Driving the whole energy transition


Looking Forward & The ESO’s Future Vision


  • National Grid ESO 2030 Ambition

    Highlight of proposals from the ESO 2030 vision, linking to the keynote speech in session one and the UK’s zero carbon objectives.  What are the key and relevant actions in the ESO vision that relate specifically to demand side providers, how will these help to contribute to the zero-carbon objective, and what are the milestones along the way. What will the ‘ask’ of demand side providers be, and how can they begin to ‘ready’ themselves.

Evening Drinks Reception – 17:00 – 20:00


Drinks and Networking


  • Drinks & Networking

    Opportunity to network and meet with National Grid and third-party stakeholders

    • Exhibitors (TBC):
      • Aggregators and suppliers
      • DNOs / SO-DNO innovation projects
      • Experts on wider access to the BM
      • Future of Balancing Services (incl. roll out of Platform for Ancillary Services)




  • Introduction from Cathy McClay

  • Speeches from key industry figures highlighting the important role that demand side flexibility still has to play in both GB eletricity networks and in achieving zero-carbon objectives.


Further Drinks and Networking